Katharine H. Hendrix , PhD

Katharine H. Hendrix

Dr. Hendrix holds a Masters of Science degree in Journalism from Boston University and a PhD in Public Health from the University of South Carolina. After obtaining her PhD, she spent six years on faculty at the Medical University of South Carolina in the College of Allied Health Professions before shifting into her current career as a medical science research writer. Dr. Hendrix is a highly experienced medical writer with 15 years of experience researching and writing health science projects for public and private sector clients. She writes for both professional and lay audiences producing a variety of documents including research grants, white papers, AMCP Formulary Submission, value dossiers, journal articles, Congressional reports, CME courses, slide presentations, newsletters, health educational materials, and scripts for radio and television programs on medical science topics. Dr. Hendrix focuses on understanding client priorities to identify and develop relevant information into clearly worded documents that are tailored to specific audiences.

Katharine H. Hendrix, PhD
Medical Science & Research Writing
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