Roberto Monaco , Dr.

Roberto Monaco

Roberto Monaco is an Italian Pathologist and he works at the Pathology Department of Cardarelli Hospital in Naples (Italy). Actually he directs the Operating Unit of fine needle aspiration cytodiagnostic and he is the institutional referent for thoraco-pulmonary pathology. He is member of the Italian Study Group of Pulmonary Pathology with special interests in lung tumours and in the infiltrative lung diseases.

In addition, Roberto Monaco carries out activities of international cooperation in the field of Pathological Anatomy with the Association of Pathologists beyond the borders NGO of which he is a founding member and board member. He is also member of the Working Group "Pathologists/cytologists and technicians in favour of developing countries" in the European Society of Pathology.

Since 1998, Roberto Monaco took part in cooperation projects with the aim of introducing the Pathological Anatomy in the Countries in the developing world, where often there is no possibility of diagnosis and therefore each treatment is problematic, especially in the field of cancer prevention. He brought his experience in several Countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Madagascar, Cuba.

He is currently engaged in the implementation of screening for cervical cancer in Imo State, Nigeria.

"Pathologist beyond the borders" NGO