Marc van Zandvoort , Ph.D.

Marc van Zandvoort

Department of Molecular Cell Biology, Maastricht University,Maastricht, the Netherlands

Marc van Zandvoort is affiliated as expert in advanced optical microscopy with research schools CARIM, GROW, Nutrim, and MHeNS at Maastricht University, reflecting the wide variety of research using advanced optical microscopy. Furthermore, he has a part-time position at the IMCAR institute at the RWTH in Aachen, Germany.

Initially, he applied multiphoton microscopy to imaging the structure of healthy and diseased vascular wall, heart microvasculature, and thrombus ex vivo, one of the major advantages of the technique being the high penetration depth in intact tissue. In vivo application of multiphoton microscopy to fast moving blood vessels has been explored for the past 6 years using faster commercial set-ups (Leica SP5 in Maastricht, LaVision in Aachen) with 25-50Hz imaging rate avoiding motional artefacts. Resulting publications have demonstrated feasibility of ultrafast multiphoton microscopy as intravital technique in living animals. Marc then extended intravital multiphoton microscopy to different organs (kidney, liver, bladder, brain, and heart) and introduced the concept of multimodal imaging in cardiovascular microscopy, combining multiphoton microscopy with medical imaging (MRI and PET) using multimodal contrast agents, experiencing its difficulty due to either sensitivity issues (MRI) or need for radioactive substances (PET, SPECT). Combining intravital multiphoton microscopy with Ultrasound imaging is current focus of research in Aachen, with piloting and well-cited results recently published.

In 2013 Maastricht obtained super-resolution STED microscopy for both biomedical and chemical research. STED is run within Enabling Technologies, established through collaboration between Maastricht University, DSM, and Province of Limburg. Furthermore, Marc initialized Maastricht as EuroBioImaging Node Candidate, a candidacy that was acknowledged in 2015. He is board member of the Dutch Society for Microscopy (NVvM), representative of Maastricht University in NL-BioImaging-AM, and leader of the Maastricht EuroBioImaging Node Candidate “Excellence in Imaging”. Furthermore, Marc was co-organizer and host of the world congress “Focus on Microscopy Maastricht 2013”. He is organizer of the yearly PhD and postdoc course on advanced optical microscopy and editor of the book entitled “Super-resolution imaging in Biomedicine” (Taylor & Francis Group LLC, CRC Press, 2015, Eds. A. Diaspro, M. van Zandvoort). He published over 100 microscopy-related papers.