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Ivan Michel Antolovic


Ivan Michel Antolovic received the Master’s degrees in electrical engineering and information technology in 2012 from University of Zagreb, Croatia. Since 2013, he has been working towards the PhD degree in single photon avalanche diode.

His research interests include single photon detectors, imagers architectures and photon counting time correlated biophysical applications.

  • Abstracts of the 5th European Super-Resolution User-Club Meeting

    The 5th Super-Resolution User Club Meeting was held in collaboration with Professor Kees Jalink and The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) in Amsterdam. Having the meeting at a location where super-resolution microscopy is used on a daily basis makes a big difference, offering participants the chance to use live cells for workshops and see systems working in their true environments. Thanks also to the scientists that supported the meeting by coming and giving talks. As super-resolution continues to grow in importance in research, we recognize the need to come together to network, share information and experiences. Here we present the abstracts of the talks.
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