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Susan Cox, Dr.


Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics, King’s College London

Susan studied Physics at Oxford, followed by a PhD at Cambridge, where she studied strongly correlated materials using transmission electron microscopy. She continued her study of these materials in Los Alamos National Laboratory, where she was a Seaborg Postdoctoral Fellow. Following this she decided to explore a fresh area, and joined the group of Rainer Heintzmann at King’s College London, where she worked on limiting phototoxicity in fluorescence microscopy and, analysis techniques for super-resolution localisation microscopy. In 2011 Susan was appointed to a Royal Society University Research Fellowship at King’s. She is the developer of Bayesian analysis of Blinking and Bleaching, a method for extracting information from highly dense data which enabled high speed localisation microscopy to be carried out. More recently she has focused on applications of localisation microscopy, correlative methods, and the fundamental limitations of the technique.

  • STED image of peripheral section of HeLa cell nucleus

    Abstracts of the 7th European Super-Resolution User-Club Meeting

    The 7th Super-Resolution User Club Meeting was held in collaboration with Prof Pavel Hozák , at the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the ASCR in Prague. Keeping the event close to science is one of the founding principles of the event, allowing all participants to network, share and explore exciting new super-resolution and nanoscopy applications. Central to this are the scientific talks given during the meeting, with this cutting-edge microscopy technique as their central theme. A wide selection of topics were covered, prompting interesting discussions during the workshops.
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