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Giulia M. R. De Luca, Ph.D.


Giulia M. R. De Luca graduated in Physics for Medicine at the University of Pisa, Italy. For her PhD, she worked at the University of AmsterdamT The Netherlands, at the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences. Her research focused on the development of super-resolution and super-sensitive microscopy techniques. She is currently Imaging Specialist and Account Manager at Scientific Volume Imaging, SVI, makers of the Huygens software.

  • Measuring the 3D STED-PSF with a new Type of Fluorescent Beads

    A new type of fluorescent bead is presented by GATTAquant. These beads, called GATTA-Beads, are characterized by a small diameter (23 nm), high intensity and size uniformity. In combination with state-of the-art STED microscopes such as the Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X and high-end image restoration methods available in the Huygens Software, it is shown that these new beads can be used for accurate STED PSF characterization in 3D. Furthermore, it is shown that the measured 3D STED-PSF can be used to improve image restoration quality in combination with STED deconvolution methods available in the Huygens Software.
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