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Eugene Katrukha, Dr.


Senior scientist at the Biology Imaging Center at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

Eugene Katrukha currently holds a senior scientist position at the Biology Imaging Center at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. He defended his PhD in theoretical biophysics and applied mathematics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2007. In parallel to theoretical studies he was working as a research scientist in the Biology Department of the drug discovery company ChemDiv, Inc, where he established and supervised large-scale robotic drug-bioscreening facility and participated in joint projects with Eli Lilly, Merck-Sertono and many others.

He did his first postdoc at the Department of Computational and Systems Biology in the University of Pittsburgh, studying the organization of microtubule network in cultured fibroblasts. At that time he closely collaborated with the Cell Biology Division of Utrecht University, where he later moved for the second postdoc (in 2011) and received a permanent staff position (2016). His expertise in physics and mathematics provided theoretical background and quantitative characterization of experimental microscopy data for a set of projects: a study of drugs effect on microtubules, transport of intracellular cargo and mechanical deformations of the cytoskeleton. Currently, he is focused on the microscopy of single molecules (including superresolution applications) and development and sharing of software image analysis tools.

  • STED image of peripheral section of HeLa cell nucleus

    Abstracts of the 7th European Super-Resolution User-Club Meeting

    The 7th Super-Resolution User Club Meeting was held in collaboration with Prof Pavel Hozák , at the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the ASCR in Prague. Keeping the event close to science is one of the founding principles of the event, allowing all participants to network, share and explore exciting new super-resolution and nanoscopy applications. Central to this are the scientific talks given during the meeting, with this cutting-edge microscopy technique as their central theme. A wide selection of topics were covered, prompting interesting discussions during the workshops.
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