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Manuel Kremer


Manuel Kremer obtained his PhD in physics from the Max-Planck Institute for nuclear physics (MPIK) in Heidelberg in 2009. After postdoc positions at MPIK and the Ohio State University where he worked on fundamental atomic research and the development of high-energy femto- and attosecond lasers, he joined the Advanced Technology Group at Leica Microsystems in 2012.

  • Laser Beam Shaping for Multicolor Multiphoton Microscopy

    Multiphoton Microscopy is one of the current hot topics in life science research. The new Leica TCS SP8 DIVE from Leica Microsystems presents a series of beneficial new innovations, including a freely tunable non-descanning detector and an ingenious beam manipulating device VBE. The variable beam expander offers free tuning of both beam diameter and axial IR-correction for up to four IR beams simultaneously.
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