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Gildas Merceron , PhD


Dr. Gildas Merceron is a paleontologist. He has been involved in the study of paleo-ecology of mammals that lived in the “Old World” from 20 million years ago. The methods he uses are mammal anatomy (to decipher the mode of locomotion of these mammals), stable isotope geochemistry, and dental microwear textural analysis (to track the type of diets eaten by these mammals). G. Merceron obtained his PhD in Vertebrate Paleontology at the University of Poitiers, France. After several postdoc positions in the USA, Germany, and Austria, G. Merceron got a tenure position as a CNRS researcher at the University of Lyon in 2008. Since that time, G. Merceron moved to the IPHEP lab at the University of Poitiers where he is heading the TRIDENT (Dental Tribology) project funded by the French National Agency for Research.