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Stefan Motyka


Stefan Motyka was born 1963 in Limburg, Germany. After his diploma in Mechanical Engineering he started in 1985 working as product manager for Harmonic Drive, a Japanese company for high precision gears. After 7 years in this position he decided to return to school where he finished in 1995 his diploma in business administration. In 2000, he became Product Manager for semiconductor inspection instruments with Leica Microsystems where he had the chance to finish his Japanese studies at Marburg university. Since 2006 he is Senior Product Manager for compound microscopes and surface measurement instruments at Leica Microsystems in Wetzlar.

  • Brief Introduction to Surface Metrology

    Surface metrology is the science that deals with measuring topography. Characterization of a surface with its amplitude, spacing and shape of its features, is called "topography". The term "topography" is derived from Greek roots; "topo-" meaning place and "graph-" describes a type of symbolic diagram.
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