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Ruedi Rottermann


Ruedi Rottermann, R&D Manager Industry Division, Heerbrugg, Switzerland, studied Electrical Power Engineering at the University for Applied Science in Winterthur, Switzerland. He joined Wild Heerbrugg as one of the predecessors of Leica Microsystems in 1981. Currently he is responsible for the product development for the market segments Industry, Forensic and Education. Main product lines are stereomicroscopes, digital cameras and software (Leica Application Suite LAS). Ruedi Rottermann is leading three R&D teams. These are Heerbrugg, Switzerland (Optics, Mechanics, Firmware, Project Mangement and Microscopy Lab); Cambridge UK (Software for image analysis and microscope automation) and Singapore (Mechanics, Electronics, Digital cameras, Firmware, Software).

  • How Sharp Images Are Formed

    In microscopy, depth of field is often seen as an empirical parameter. In practice it is determined by the correlation between numerical aperture, resolution and magnification. For the best possible visual impression, the adjustment facilities of modern microscopes produce an optimum balance between depth of field and resolution – two parameters which in theory are inversely correlated.
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