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Gustaaf (Staf) Van Tendeloo , Prof.

Gustaaf (Staf) Van Tendeloo

Gustaaf Van Tendeloo is full professor at Antwerp University and member of its research council. He is also member of the scientific commissions of the Funds for Scientific Research Flanders (FWO) and for Scientific Research (FNRS), and evaluator of CNRS-France and of several national science foundations.

Since 2003 he leads the EMAT research group, selected as the core group of NANO Research Centre of Excellence at Antwerp University. He has coordinated the ESTEEM IP3 project, gathering the most prestigious European microscopy centers. He has co-authored over 740 ISI publications and has been invited speaker at over 100 conferences. He is member of the editorial board of 6 ISI journals. His research interests are focused on advanced electron microscopy for the structure of interfaces and of nano-mesoporous materials.

His Curriculum Vitae can be found on his personal webpage.