Imène Esteve , MPhys, MChem

Imène Esteve

Imène Esteve is an engineer at the Centre National de Recherches Scientifiques (CNRS). She is an expert in electron microscopy, particularly in Focused Ion Beam (FIB) and Scanning Electron Microscopy at the Institut de Minéralogie et Physique des Matériaux et de Cosmochimie (IMPMC) in Paris where she is the head of the SEM-FIB national facility. She obtained her master degree in physics and chemistry of semiconductive materials from Versailles University (UVSQ) in 2006. She has been working as a microscopist at Michelin’s Research Center at Clermont-Ferrand, and as an application engineer for FIB and SEM for Zeiss Company. She is involved in several projects in mineralogical, biological, geophysical fields such as the study of meteorites, nuclear wastes storage solutions, and materials under extreme conditions. Recently she started a collaboration with the JPL-NASA on the SEIS InSight mission to MARS 2016.