Jason Horton , Ph.D.

Jason Horton

Dr. Horton is an assistant professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Radiation Oncology, and Cell & Developmental Biology at Upstate Medical University, State University of New York in Syracuse, NY. His research interests are in bone tissue engineering, pediatric musculoskeletal sarcoma, radiobiology, and biology of the bone-marrow microenvironment.


Raw widefield (left) and THUNDER (right) image of Ewing Sarcoma cells (SK-ES-1).

Visualizing the Mitotic Spindle in Cancer Cells

This article demonstrates how this research is aided by visualizing more details of mitotic spindles in Ewing Sarcoma cells using the THUNDER Imager Tissue and Large Volume Computational Clearing…
Maximum intensity projection of undecalcified mouse bone tissue expressing GFP (green) and tdTomato (red) and stained with Hoechst 33342 (blue). Imaged using a THUNDER Imager Tissue: A) raw data and B) with ICC.

Localizing Bone Stem Cells In Vivo

This article demonstrates how undecalcified mouse bone samples can be investigated in detail more easily and rapidly with a cryohistological method used in combination with a THUNDER Imager Tissue and…
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