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Rolando Berlinguer-Palmini , Dr.

Rolando Berlinguer-Palmini

Dr. Rolando Berlinguer-Palmini is an Experimental Scientific Officer at the BioImaging unit, Newcastle University (UK).

He received his PhD in Physiology in 2004 from Florence University (Ita) where he worked till 2008 at the department of Pharmacology. He then moved to Imperial College London (BioEngineering) and Newcastle University where he worked as electrophysiologist/Optogenetist on bionic eyes prosthesis and human implants to control epilepsy. In 2015 he moved to the BioImaging unit focussing his interest in super-resolution imaging (STED) and image analysis.

From 2020 is also leading the new MEA facility where high resolution Multi Electrode Arrays are coupled with functional imaging and patterned light stimulation.

DNA Replication in Cancer Cells

DNA synthesis can be impeded by collisions between the DNA replication machinery and co-transcriptional R-loops leading to a major source of genomic instability in cancer cells. In this paper we…
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