Sam Dupont , Ph.D.

Sam Dupont

Sam Dupont is Coordinator of the Ocean Acidification Infrastructure Facility, Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences for the Marine Ecology Department of the University of Gothenburg. He is an Ecophysiologist working on both the impact of global changes as well as regeneration and stem cell biology. His research interests are: Impact of Climate Change on Marine Organisms, Ecological Genomics of Regeneration in Echinoderms, Biology and Evolution of Echinoderms, Education and Communication with Stekeholders and Data Analysis and Modeling. He aquired his Ph.D. in Sciences at the University of Louvain, Belgium, financed by a grant of the Belgian National Research Council. Afterwards, he was Toxicologist Assistant at Procter & Gamble, Research Assistant for the Belgian National Research Council and Post doctoral fellow at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Sam Dupont is currently developing a research group and organizing facilities with the necessary experimental infrastructure to study the impacts of climate change using near future predicted scenarios (IPCC). Each year,  he coordinates experiments designed to investigate the impact of climate change on early developmental processes that allow different teams to work in collaboration (e.g. Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences) and shares the same material.

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