Takumi Higaki , PhD

Takumi Higaki

Dr Takumi Higaki  is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Advanced Science at Kumamoto University, Japan. He specializes in imaging and plant cell biology and opened the Higaki Imaging Biology Laboratory at Kumamoto University in 2017. Prior to this, he was a member of Hesezawa Laboratory at the University of Tokyo from 2004 to 2017. Dr Higaki graduated from the Tokyo University of Science in March 2004 and went on to obtain first an M.A. and then a Ph.D in life sciences from the University of Tokyo. He is a member of the Botanical Society of Japan, the Japanese Society of Plant Physiology and the Bioimaging Society of Japan.

4D morphological information of Arabidopsis thaliana cotyledon pavement cells mapped using both direct water immersion observations and computational image analyses, including segmentation, surface modeling, virtual reality and morphometry.

Mapping 4D cell models with VR

Plant researchers Takumi Higaki and Hidenobu Mizuno have developed a framework to map leaf pavement cells in 4D using AI software with VR equipment.
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