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Automotive Industry: How Suppliers and Auto Manufacturers Can Verify Parts Specifications Quickly and Easily

Inspecting and Documenting Automotive Parts with Digital Microscopy

Checking specifications is critical: During the manufacture of auto parts, specifications must be met – whether by the auto parts supplier or the automobile manufacturer. It is important that the parts meet specifications as they are critical for maintaining the performance standards and safe operation of automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles during their lifetimes. However, the demand for faster, cheaper production of parts while still meeting or exceeding ever-stricter quality standards keeps increasing. This report explains how digital microscopy is used to inspect and document parts easily and quickly in order to determine conformity with specifications.


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The Leica DVM6 digital microscope makes the workflow efficient for auto part inspection and documentation, whether by the auto part supplier or automobile manufacturer:

A sprocket of an automotive drive system imaged with the Leica DVM6:

Download report from DVM6 downloads "Automotive Paper Inspection of Autoparts"