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Basal Body Positioning and Anchoring in the Multiciliated Cell Paramecium Tetraurelia: Roles of OFD1 and VFL3

The development of a ciliary axoneme requires the correct docking of the basal body at cytoplasmic vesicles or plasma membrane. In the multiciliated cell Paramecium, three conserved proteins, FOR20, Centrin 2, and Centrin 3 participate in this process, FOR20 and Centrin 2 being involved in the assembly of the transition zone. We investigated the function of two other evolutionary conserved proteins, OFD1 and VFL3, likely involved in this process.

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Bengueddach H, Lemullois M, Aubusson-Fleury A & Koll F:

Basal body positioning and anchoring in the multiciliated cell Paramecium tetraurelia: roles of OFD1 and VFL3