Cross Sectioning of Basalt Fibres

Application Note for Leica EM TIC 3X - Material Research


The fibres are embedded in a soft matrix. That makes it difficult to prepare a cross section.

Cross section of the basalt fibres.

Process Description*:

Leica EM TIC 3X Parameters
Acceleration voltage: 7 kV
Gun current: 2.6 mA
Milling time: 5 h 


  • The cross section of the basalt fibres is very nice.
  • The fibres are not damaged.
  • The surface is flat.
  • Regardless of some heat damage of the soft matrix, well prepared cross sections of basalt fibres are clearly visible. If well preserved matrix is required it is recommended to use the cooling stage.

Suitable for:
Textile Industry, Research Institutes, Universities

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*benchmark values for this particular sample



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