Cross Sectioning of Copper for Electron Backscattered Diffraction (EBSD)

Application Note for Leica EM TIC 3X - Material Research

Electron Backscattered Diffraction (EBSD) is a surface technique creating diffraction patterns (Kikuchi-bands). It can be used for crystal orientation mapping, defect studies, phase identification, grain boundary studies and morphological studies. The information depth is just a few nm, therefore good sample preparation is very important to avoid damages.

In this application note we describe how to prepare a perfect sample surface for EBSD.



Process Description
(benchmark values for this particular sample)
Mechanical pre-preparation: with the Leica EM TXP using a tungsten carbide miller of 15000 rpm.

TIC 3X Parameters
Acceleration voltage7 kV
Gun current2.6 mA
Milling time6 h

  • The prepared surface shows the grain structure of copper.

  • An excellent diffraction pattern proves the preparation quality.

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