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Digital Microscopy with Versatile Illumination and Various Contrast Methods for More Efficient Inspection and Quality Control

Example applications using the Leica DVM6 with integrated ring light or coaxial illumination system

State-of-the-art digital microscopes utilizing a versatile illumination system capable of achieving multiple contrast methods, such as the Leica DVM6, are very useful for inspection, quality control, and failure analysis. These contrast methods allow flaws or defects on the surface of a product or component to be more easily and rapidly detected. Some examples of how modern digital microscopes can help to make the workflow more efficient for inspection, quality control, and failure analysis are discussed.


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Explore what the DVM6 can do for your quality control process 

For industrial manufacturing, it is critical to speed up the inspection and QC process. If the feature of interest is detected or seen more easily by enhancing its appearance with different types of illumination and contrast, then less time is needed for inspection and testing. Recent developments in digital microscopy have led to more a practical and efficient way of using illumination contrast methods for inspection and QC purposes.

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