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Pushing STED beyond its Limits with Lifetime


TauSTED combines the optical signals from STED and the physical information from fluorescence lifetime at confocal speeds. Outstanding STED resolution and image quality is achieved due to background removal, at gentle imaging conditions for extended STED acquisitions in time and space. 

Learn more about TauSTED, what it is, how it works and what are the benefits for our research.


  • Outstanding image quality: Selecting and removing the lifetime fingerprint of photons from background noise translates into images with excellent signal to noise.
  • Gentle live-cell imaging: The access to lifetime information at confocal speed protects specimens during long-time STED experiments at lower excitation and STED light doses.



STED for Cell Biology: Multicolor live-cell TauSTED 775 resolves the intricate cytoskeleton network labeled with SiR-tubulin (glow), and trafficking vesicles labeled with CF594 (cyan). Scale bar: 10 mm. SiR-tubulin is available from Spirochrome. CF594 courtesy of Biotium, Inc.

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