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Dynamic Endoplasmic Reticulum

Why Leica ER Super-Resolution

The Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) is a dynamic, reticular or net-like structure consisting of tubules and cisternae that extend throughout the cell and occupy a large portion of the cytoplasm. In recent years, it has become clear that the ER is not a static organelle. Instead the ER is dynamic, forming contacts with nearly every intracellular membrane.

Recent innovations that improve image resolution in light microscopy have advanced our ability to study the dynamics of the endoplasmic reticulum and the formation of ER contact sites with other organelles.


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Faster, easier Super-Resolution

The Leica TCS SP8 with HyVolution combines a highly efficient confocal microscope and a professional deconvolution software with high performance computation hardware. The combination of confocal multiparameter fluorescence imaging at the confocal super-resolution regime with psf-based real deconvolution allows high-speed multicolor imaging with a resolution down to 140 nm.

HyVolution is a versatile and user-friendly system that empowers biomedical researchers to probe molecular machineries within live cells with super-resolution. Dr. Jaspreet Sandhu, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA, Los Angeles.

Example Image

U2OS Confocal image. Image courtesy of Dr. Jaspreet Sandhu at the David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA.

U2OS Cell Super-resolution image. Image courtesy of Dr. Jaspreet Sandhu at the David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA.


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