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The quality of steel is an essential topic in automotive, metalworking and building industries. To ensure the highest standards, an accurate and reliable Quality Assurance workflow for the inspection of non-metallic inclusions is crucial.

Leica Microsystems offers state-of-the-art and individualized microscopy solutions, allowing you to inspect the microstructure and evaluate the non-metallic inclusion content of your steel, ranging from manual inspection to fully motorized solutions depending on your daily workload.

In this webinar you will learn how to find the best way to analyze your steel, from low carbon to stainless & high alloyed, based on the requirements of the various standards and methods (ASTM E 45, ISO 4967 & the most recent EN 10247) and how to optimize your productivity providing you the ability to find inclusions with comfort and accuracy.

Key Learnings:

  • Standards & methods that apply best to your type of steel and inspection needs
  • Improved sample preparation prior to the inspection
  • Full flexibility of workflow — manual or automatic solutions with live or off-line analysis using Leica Application Suite