Going Digital for Medical Device Visual Inspection

Challenges with paper-based documentation and reporting


This article discusses the reasons why paper-based documentation and reporting makes visual microscope inspection of medical devices inefficient and unreliable. It also addresses other factors concerning paper-based documentation and reporting which cause the overall inspection workflow to be less efficient and reliable than desired.

Key Learnings

These are some important reasons why paper-based documentation and reporting make overall inspection workflows inefficient and unreliable:

  • Errors during documentation on paper and filing/archiving of paper documents, records, and reports
  • Traceability of inspection results for audits and trending data analysis for risk management and process optimization
  • The need for much storage space of papers and the amount of work required to manually digitize them at a later time

You can achieve a digitally enhanced inspection approach with the help of the Exalta smart device for traceable microscopy. It allows you to minimize the challenges of paper-based documentation and reporting and makes visual inspection of medical device parts and components more reliable and efficient.

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