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How Intrasurgical OCT can Provide Additional Information During Ophthalmic DMEK Procedures

Replacing diseased Descemet’s membrane with a donor graft is an especially delicate procedure. Accurate positioning and full adherence to the stroma are crucial for optimal patient outcomes. The more visual information the surgeon has of the cornea and the donor and recipient tissues, the more confident he can be of precise graft placement.  

High-resolution intrasurgical optical coherence tomography (OCT) can support the surgeon by supplementing the microscope view with real-time, cross-sectional images that reveal sub-surface details.

The short videos below were captured using EnFocus intrasurgical OCT and illustrate how intrasurgical OCT can provide additional information during each stage of a DMEK procedure.


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Visualization of the removal of diseased Descement’s Membrane:

Clear view of incorrect scroll orientation of the donor graft:

Positioning of the donor graft seen during epithelium-side corneal massage:

Visualization of the adherence of the donor graft to the recipient stroma after injection of air into the anterior chamber: