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HyVolution – the Smart Path to Confocal Super-Resolution

Super-resolution refers to any device or method that can resolve better than the classical Abbe limit. Apart from infinite super-resolution techniques such as STED (stimulated emission depletion) and SMLM (single-molecule localization methods) that can theoretically resolve to any detail, there are also methods for limited super-resolution.

Here we present HyVolution by Leica, which merges optical super-resolution and computational super-resolution. The optical part is provided by confocal microscopy, and the computational part by deconvolution. Lateral resolution of 140 nm is demonstrated. HyVolution offers multiple fluorescence recording in truly simultaneous mode.

Since March 2018, Leica offers LIGHTNING Image Information Extraction package with extended functionalities and an increased resolution down to 120 nm.


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Borlinghaus RT, Kappel C

HyVolution – the Smart Path to Confocal Super-Resolution

Nature Methods 13 (2016), published online: 25 February 2016