King’s College London, Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics, London, UK

The Randall Division of Cell & Molecular Biophysics continues the King’s tradition of biophysics established by Sir John Randall which produced the famous studies of the structure of DNA by Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins.

Research in the Randall is multidisciplinary; the members work at the interface between the physical and biomedical sciences. The division develops new biophysical techniques, especially in molecular structure and cellular imaging, and apply them to biology and medicine. Many of these applications are focused on cell motility and the cytoskeleton, muscle signalling and development, and allergy and asthma.

The work is underpinned by state-of-the art facilities for molecular structure determination and biophysical characterisation and cellular imaging, in which the division has an active technology development programme.