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  • New Insights into Cilia and Flagella by Cryo-EM

    Cilia and flagella were the first organelles to be discovered and have been studied for centuries. However, their essential role in humans and how ciliary defects cause diseases are still not well understood. Cryo-EM has recently shed new light on their inner workings and solved some long-standing mysteries, only to raise new questions on how cilia and flagella function.
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  • Freeze Substitution of Trypanosoma brucei

    Chemical fixation of biological specimens for ultrastructural investigation is a relatively slow and selective process, and therefore a common source of artifacts. Freezing, on the other hand, is an excellent method to physically fix biological specimens in their entirety and without delay; the formation of ice crystals large enough to displace cellular material and destroy structures, would be, however, a major issue.
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  • Perusing Alternatives for Automated Staining of TEM Thin Sections

    Contrast in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is mainly produced by electron scattering at the specimen: Structures that strongly scatter electrons are referred to as electron dense and appear as dark areas in the bright fi eld image, while structures which scatter fewer electrons appear bright (electron transparent).
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