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Kristineberg Marine Research Station, Fiskebäckskil, Sweden

KMRS is the largest field station for marine research in Sweden. It is also one of the oldest marine research stations in the world, with a well established network and long traditions of housing visiting scientists. Today it is one of Europe?s most modern marine research laboratories with unique facilities for conducting experimental work and for keeping live organisms for prolonged periods. The station is located on the shore front in a wind-protected bay within the Gullmar Fjord, which is a nature reserve, and with easy access to both coastal and off-shore marine habitats. These habitats include sand and mud flats, steep rocky cliffs and deep basin sediments. By European standards the water quality is excellent, with two distinct water-masses, a brackish surface one originating from the Baltic, and a deep oceanic one from the North Sea. The variety of habitats gives rise to a very high biodiversity within a rather restricted area.