The LIECHTENSTEIN MUSEUM and the Princely Collections bear witness to the centuries-old tradition of art collection and patronage of the Princes of Liechtenstein.

The LIECHTENSTEIN MUSEUM contains one of the world’s most important private collections in terms of artistic quality and variety, and its holdings are constantly being added to by further acquisitions. The main mission of the museum is that of preserving the Princely Collections for present and future generations.

The return of these art treasures to the historical setting of a residence of the Princely Family, and the manner in which they are exhibited provides an authentic picture of the history of the House of Liechtenstein, and the ways in which it has viewed art and itself.

By relating the historical background of the collection with the life and times of the princely house, the museum offers a rich all-round experience, along the lines of the ancient temples of the muses, in which all forms of artistic expression merge to form a total work of art.