National Research Council (CNR), Neuroscience Institute, Pisa, Italy

The Institute of Neuroscience of the National Research Council is a first rate institution in the field of Neuroscience in Europe and the world over. It concentrates many of the most important Italian scientists involved in the study of the nervous system. They are organized in research groups, located in Milan, Padua, Pisa, Rome and Cagliari.

Every year, the Institute of Neuroscience publishes a large number of papers in international journals, including high-impact journals like NATURE, SCIENCE and NEURON.

The Institute of Neuroscience of the National Research Council faces all the principal topics in the study of the nervous system, investigating the development and plasticity of the nervous circuitery; vision and cognitive sciences; the mechanisms of memory and learning; as well as those involving cellular transmission and neuronal communication; calcium homeostasis, apoptosis; neuro-muscular and neuronal-glia interactions, neurobiological bases of alcoholism and drug dependence.

Laser capture microdissection of adult mouse retinal layers.

Region-Specific Gene Expression in Adult Mouse CNS Tissues

Different areas of the Central Nervous System CNS display a specific and selective gene expression profile. Here, we used the Laser Microdissection system Leica LMD6500 to study region-specific mRNA…
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