University of Graz, Institute of Molecular Biosciences, Austria


  • CARS microscopy and second harmonic imaging
  • 3D transmission electron microscopy and electron tomography to study yeast lipid droplets.
  • IMB microscopy and imaging facility provides a new confocal microscope!

  • High-content screening of yeast mutant libraries.
  • Scripting-customized software tools/HCS Profiler v1.0 demo movie.
  • Free ImageJ plug-in: flexible SGA colony detector
  • Non-invasive automated registration of yeast cells in dense cell populations

  • Localization studies using GFP technology and reference dyes.
  • Four-dimensional live cell imaging during cellular division.
  • Addressing protein dynamics using bleaching technologies.

  • Data visualization, computational image analysis, software development.
  • Yeast Protein Localization Database PLUS (YPL+).
  • Fluorescence microscopy lecture and course series