University of Trento, Department CIBIO, Trento, Italy

The Department CIBIO – at the University of Trento pursues the task of creating a suitable environment for merging classical cellular and molecular biology approaches with the new powerful tools of systems and synthetic biology, and with the contribution of chemistry, physics, informatics, mathematics, and engineering in an integrative view of basic biological processes and of their derangement in disease.

Research at CIBIO covers a number of topics all emphasizing experimental analysis at various levels of biological organization, and are roughly focused on four major research programs: Cancer Biology & Genomics, Cell & Molecular Biology, Microbiology & Synthetic Biology, Neurobiology & Development.

Source: (24.08.2023)

Laser capture microdissection of adult mouse retinal layers.

Region-Specific Gene Expression in Adult Mouse CNS Tissues

Different areas of the Central Nervous System CNS display a specific and selective gene expression profile. Here, we used the Laser Microdissection system Leica LMD6500 to study region-specific mRNA…
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