"Leica is always flexible and dynamic" - Interview with Audrey Salles, Pasteur Institute, Paris

Audrey Salles is a specialist for confocal and super-resolution microscopy at Pasteur Institute, Imagopole, PFID, Paris, France. Her research interests are cytokine signaling and skeleton organization of human TCD4-cells. Confocal microscopy is really important for her studies: in order to visualize the molecules of her interest in the cytoplasm in sufficient resolution, a really good optical slice is indispensable. Especially the innovation of the Leica hybrid detectors (HyD) is of great significance for her research as HyDs give really good image quality with low intensity signals from cells. For her, major challenges are always looking into living cells and multicolor applications. Audrey Salles is very happy about collaborating with Leica Microsystems: "Leica is always flexible and dynamic. It is very easy to collaborate with Leica."



YouTube video by Leica Microsystems, October, 2014

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