A New World of Confocal Applications with the Next Generation White Light Lasers


As biological questions get more complex, there is an increasing need to study multiple events simultaneously in the same specimen. When preparing the specimen for imaging experiments, this need is translated in having to use multiple fluorescent labels. Unfortunately, the visualization of multiple events with confocal microscopy is limited by the number of fluorescent probes that can be simultaneously imaged without incurring bleed-through artifacts due to significant spectral overlap. Using a confocal microscope with an integrated White Light Laser (WLL) enables tuning excitation and detection to perfectly match the spectral profile of the dyes in your sample, giving you the flexibility to perform multicolor experiments while obtaining clear, sharp images.


Read the application note to find out how to:

  • achieve complete wavelength freedom thanks to the unique combination of high-efficiency pulsed WLL excitation, AOBS technology, and spectral detection.
  • get more flexibility when designing your experiment with an expanded WLL spectrum.
  • use fluorescence-lifetime-derived information delivered by TauSense and increase the number of fluorescent probes which can be resolved in a single sample.

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