Mechanically Stressed Cells under the Microscope

Magneto-mechanical system enables the mimicking of biological dynamic deformation states

Cellular polarization dynamics before and after magneto-mechanical stimulation Cellular_polarization_dynamics_before_after_magneto-mechanical_stimulation.jpg

Traumatic brain injury, skin scarring, or fibrotic heart remodeling are examples for mechanical stress which cells and tissues are exposed to. In this article, the authors introduce a non-invasive, mechanical cellular stimulation setup to mimic mechanical stress in the lab. The system is based on magnetic fields which affect magnetorheological elastomers upon which cells were cultivated. To fulfill the special demands, a DM6 B microscope with ceramic, non-ferromagnetic objectives and a non-ferromagnetic Okolab incubation system was used achieving >3-day live-cell imaging.

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M.A. Moreno-Mateos, J. Gonzalez-Rico, E. Nunez-Sardinha, C. Gomez-Cruz, M.L. Lopez-Donaire, S. Lucarini, A. Arias, A. Muñoz-Barrutia, D. Velasco & D. Garcia-Gonzalez:

Magneto-mechanical system to reproduce and quantify complex strain patterns in biological materials

Applied Materials Today (2022) vol. 27, 101437
DOI: 10.1016/j.apmt.2022.101437

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