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Overcoming Multiplexed Imaging Roadblocks

Automated imaging technique workflow using Cell DIVE imager and acquisition software


Backed by ten years of thoughtful innovation and precision engineering, the Cell DIVE imager and acquisition software simplify the complex processes required to meticulously stitch together and overlay image upon image to reveal the spatial relationships of 60+ biomarkers  in a single tissue section. Whether a single slide or a batch of slides processed on multiple Cell DIVE imagers, every step carried out by the Cell DIVE Acquisition Software eliminates distortions and artifacts and seamlessly normalizes data from different imagers. Everything happens automatically, transparently displayed in a user interface that ensures you – the person seeking answers to a scientific question – is in control.


This technical note describes in detail how common multiplexed imaging challenges, such as distortions and the need for corrections across all image acquisitions, are overcome using Cell DIVE’s automatic imaging workflow.

Download the Technical Note "Overcoming Multiplexed Imaging Roadblocks" (PDF)

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