Immediate Breast Reconstruction: Benefits of GLOW800 Augmented Reality

Interview with Dr. Harold Chatel

GLOW800, a patented Leica technology, used by Dr. Harold Chatel to check free flap vascularization after anastomoses as part of an immediate breast reconstruction. Immediate_Breast_Reconstruction_Benefits_of_GLOW800_Augmented_Reality_Teaser.jpeg

Dr. Harold Chatel is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in a leading hospital in Paris, France. One of his areas of expertise is oncological reconstructive surgery and immediate breast reconstruction. The hospital he works for is one of the World’s Best Oncology Hospitals according to the Newsweek 2021 ranking, which recognizes hospitals with state-of-the-art facilities and accomplished physicians.

Interview Key Highlights

For Dr. Chatel, GLOW800 Augmented Reality fluorescence – built-in the M530 OHX microscope - is the “extra step in refining the edges of our free flaps”. During immediate breast reconstruction, it helps the surgeon:

  • Confirm the viability of the flap with indocyanine green (ICG)
  • Identify the mastectomy skin that will survive and the skin that will not survive
  • Increase the precision of the flap delimitation
  • Avoid complications such as fat necrosis

As a result, post-operative convalescence tends to be shorter, providing a significant benefit for patients and surgeons.

GLOW800 Augmented Reality fluorescence is easy to use in the Operating Room (OR):

  • The images can be displayed on an HD 4K monitor
  • There is no need to turn off the lights and change the operating conditions
  • The technology enhances learning and education, allowing everyone in the OR to easily follow each step of the procedure in 2D or 3D, on the monitor

Oncological reconstructive surgery procedures such as immediate breast reconstruction largely rely on free flap techniques. A meticulous microsurgical technique and high-quality visualization are essential to achieve optimal outcomes and optimize patient recovery.

GLOW800 is a new approach to vascular fluorescence imaging developed and patented by Leica Microsystems to support surgeons. It allows to observe anatomy in natural color, augmented by a real-time view of vascular flow and tissue perfusion, with full depth perception. With GLOW800 Augmented Reality fluorescence, surgeons can make decisions with confidence during oncological reconstructive surgery.

In the below video, Dr. Chatel discusses GLOW800 Augmented Reality applications and its advantages during immediate breast reconstruction procedures.

Interview Dr. Chatel

If you would like to learn more about GLOW800 Augmented Reality fluorescence and Leica Microsystems solutions for oncological reconstructive surgery and immediate breast reconstruction, please feel free to contact us. Our team will gladly answer any question you may have.

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