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Watch this webinar to learn more about obtaining reliable and accurate metallographic results with Leica microscopes in terms of efficient analysis of non-metallic inclusions in steel as well as of alloy grains and phases.

Develop better, cleaner products with speed and reliability using flexible and affordable metallographic microscopy solutions from Leica Microsystems. The solutions help you reduce costs by efficiently providing statistically meaningful data for the continuous improvement of your production workflow.

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Speaker: Alessandra Forcucci, Ph.D.

Alessandra received her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University, where she studied medical instrumentation that utilized optical detection techniques to perform disease diagnosis. This sparked an interest in optical theory and design, which she pursued in graduate school in the bioengineering department of  Rice University in Houston, TX. During her time at Rice, she studied in the Modern Optical Instrumentation and Bioimaging Laboratory, where she designed, built, and validated a family of low-cost, high-performance, miniature fluorescence microscopes for infectious disease detection at the point of care for the Bill & Melinda Gates Grand Challenges Initiative.  She received her PhD in May 2016 and began working for Leica Microsystems in June 2016 when she joined the Advanced Workflow Specialist team.

Key Learnings

  • How Leica microscopes can take subjectivity out of metallographic applications, like analysis of non-metallic inclusions in steel as well as alloy grains and phases
  • More information about solutions offered with the LAS X platform of metallographic software applications
  • Recommended hardware to obtain optimal inspection results

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