Micro-Computed Tomography (micro-CT) of Book Scorpion Musculature

Application Note for Leica EM CPD300 - Life Science Research

Species: Book scorpion (Neobisium sp.)
Critical point drying of book scorpion with subsequent X-ray micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) to detect anatomical features with special regard to the musculature.

Sample Holder: Sample was transferred to microporous specimen pot and placed into chamber of Filter Discs and Porous Pots holder.



Fixation and Dehydration

Ethanol (70%)overnight
Ethanol series: 80%, 90%, 96%, 100%2x10 min.
Iodine staining (1% iodine solution in 100% ethanol)overnight
Ethanol: 100%2x10 min.

Leica EM CPD300 auto Program:

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