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Inspecting and Analyzing Printed Circuit Boards Quickly and Reliably with a Digital Microscope

For the past several years, digital microscopy has been shown to be useful for inspection, quality control and assurance (QC/QA), and failure analysis (FA) in the microelectronics industry, especially for printed circuit boards (PCBs). Recently, state-of-the-art improvements have made digital microscopy even more powerful and practical for inspection, leading to a more efficient workflow. Here, the advantages of certain digital microscope features, i.e., intuitive software for operation and analysis, fast and easy ways to change magnification, and encoding for reliable recall of parameters, are explained.


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The Leica DVM6 digital microscope provides users with an even easier and more rapid way to record high quality, reliable image data and make quick analysis leading to greater efficiency when inspecting microelectronic parts. This report discusses how these features of the Leica DVM6 contributes to a faster, more reliable workflow:

  • Intuitive software for microscope operation and data analysis;
  • Efficient, simple way to change magnification over the entire range (12 : 1 to 2,350 : 1);
  • Encoding (automated tracking and storing) of important parameters, e.g., stage, optics, illumination, and camera settings, for rapid recall at any time;

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