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Webinar On-Demand - What You Need to Know About Digital Microscopes for Medical Device Quality Processes

Digital microscopes – without eyepieces – are being used more frequently for quality inspection because of their ease of use, enhanced capabilities in 2D and 3D analysis, and reliable and repeatable results. This webinar from Leica will clear up common misconceptions about digital magnification, resolution and megapixels, and explain why optics in digital microscopes are still the key driver in achieving reliable results in your inspections. 

Find out what you really need to know about imaging performance parameters when selecting a digital microscope for your specific application. Our product and application experts give advice for the right decision.
Leica Microsystems is pleased to present this webinar for medical device designers, R&D professionals, and RA/QA and QC production teams in the medical device industry.




Key Learnings

  • Learn about empty magnification and how digital magnification range determines what you can actually see in your sample
  • Understand resolving power limit in digital microscope solutions, and why it can save you money and time
  • Discover how to achieve exceptional depth of field and high resolution at the same time for sharp images with rich details.

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