SP FLIM - Spectral Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

The SP FLIM method

The SP8 FALCON is the ideal tool for spectral FLIM detection. No emission filters in front of the FLIM detectors are necessary. This grants a much higher flexibility to the experimental design. The SP8 FALCON graphical interface allows to easily select the spectral FLIM detection range and to set up automated FLIM lambda stacks.



Special Features

  • Complete spectral freedom in selection of the FLIM detection range allows optimal adaptation to fluorescence properties of the sample
  • Fluorescence lifetime, as an additional dimension to intensity, allows the separation of multiple dyes with overlapping intensity-spectra but different lifetime
  • Optimization of FLIM-FRET experiments
  • Recognition of metabolic states by auto- fluorescence lifetime characterization

Spectral freedom with SP8 FALCON

FALCON, based on the well accepted Leica SP-detector, ensures optimal adjustment to experimental conditions and removal of autofluorescence. The fluorescence light is split spectrally by a prism and the spectral fractions reach the detectors. Software-controlled mirror sliders in front of the detector select the wavelength range of interest. This gives the freedom and flexibility to choose the spectral detection ranges for FLIM– in up to four channels simultaneously.

A new dimension of knowledge – FLIM lambda stacks

FALCON detectors are capable for automated acquisition of FLIM lambda stacks. That means, that FLIM image series at incremented bands of the emission spectrum are acquired. Lifetime emission spectra are especially useful for characterization and identification of autofluorescence or new chromophores, for better separation of dyeswith similar properties, and for identification of conformational states and aggregation of chromophores.

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