Surgeons describe how Proveo 8 helps to streamline their workflow

Article on cataract surgery

Experienced ophthalmic surgeons explain how they perform cataract surgery with high efficiency using the Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope from Leica Microsystems.



The sophisticated illumination system of the Proveo 8 provides the surgeons with an excellent red reflex during the entire procedure. They describe how they get the image quality they need during hydro dissection, phacoemulsification or cataract extraction using Proveo 8.

Read the full article and look at the amazing images from a cataract procedure!

Read the Full Article  https://theophthalmologist.com/subspecialties/leica

Always Illuminating

Ultra-reliable red reflex, increased depth of field, and highly accessible settings make the Proveo 8 stand out from the crowd

Online version of the article available under https://theophthalmologist.com or in the printed version of “the Ophthalmologist” magazin issue #62 February 2019.

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