Leica Science Lab - Tag : Materials Science, Physics, and Engineering https://www.leica-microsystems.com//science-lab/tag/materials-science-physics-and-engineering/ Article tagged with Materials Science, Physics, and Engineering en-US https://www.leica-microsystems.com/28596 Coherent Raman Scattering (CRS) Vibrational Spectroscopic Imaging in Cells, Tissues and Model Organisms Here we present a webinar on the emerging applications of Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy, covering the following topics: Quantitative spectroscopic imaging of label-free or chemically tagged specimens: From cell and tissue biology to medical research, materials science, and microfabrication; Probing 3D cellular model systems (organoids) and tissues for preclinical & translational research in cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, immunology, and digestive disorders; Multi-modal confocal nonlinear optical microscopy, combining CARS, SRS, Second-Harmonic Generation, and 2-Photon Fluorescence for advanced tissue-based diagnostics; Monitoring tissue penetration of pharmacological and cosmetic compounds https://www.leica-microsystems.com/science-lab/vibrational-spectroscopic-imaging-in-cells-tissues-and-model-organisms/ Wed, 29 Apr 2020 08:46:00 +0000 Dr. Volker Schweikhard