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Antibody Staining

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  • Localization of HDAC1 Using Super-Resolution STED Microscopy

    Here we show staining of HDAC1 in cancer tissue and epidermoid carcinoma cells. These results clearly show that the use of appropriate validated antibodies and STED microscopy are important tools to study subcellular structures beyond the diffraction limit correcting ill-defined images. This is critical in co-localization studies of proteins inside cells.
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  • Quick Guide to STED Sample Preparation

    This document is intended as a quick reference guide for the most common questions regarding the preparation of samples for the Leica SP8 TCS STED 3X, by briefly explaining the theoretical basics required from samples for stimulated emission depletion. It provides information about the most common immuno-fluorescence labeling techniques, working mounting media, basic quality optimization procedures and experiment designs. It also contains a detailed list of reagents, antibodies and disposables frequently and successfully used in super-resolution STED microscopy. In summary, this guide is meant to present the necessary knowledge, including some tips and tricks, to users that are preparing their first super-resolution microscopy sample.
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