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  • Every Clue Counts – Forensics Inconceivable Without Microscopy

    There is no crime without clues. They may be obvious, like a cartridge case at the scene of the crime or clear signs of crowbar damage on a door. But sometimes, clues are microscopically small. Besides the classic fingerprints, perpetrators also leave hairs or fiber traces.
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  • Genuine or Fake

    ID cards, driving licenses, birth certificates, A-level exams – the potential for individual perpetrators or gangs to gain advantages by forging documents is vast. And the more sophisticated the security standards, the better equipped experts have to be in order to clearly differentiate between genuine documents and fakes.
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  • Collecting "Funny Money"

    Nobody wants counterfeit money in their wallet. Even counterfeiters want to get rid of their own creations as quickly as possible. However, experts work intensively to identify counterfeit money on behalf of the law. Martin Weber of the National Analysis Center of the German Bundesbank (Federal Bank) in Mainz is such an expert on forged banknotes.
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