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  • The Molecular Architecture of Hemidesmosomes as Revealed by Super-Resolution Microscopy

    Hemidesmosomes have been extensively studied by immunofluorescence microscopy, but due to its limited resolution, their precise organization remained poorly understood. We studied hemidesmosome organization in cultured keratinocytes by 2- and 3-color super-resolution microscopy. We observed that in the cell periphery, nascent hemidesmosomes are associated with individual keratin filaments and that β4 is distributed along rather than under keratin filaments. By applying innovative methods to quantify molecular distances, we demonstrate that the hemidesmosomal plaque protein plectin interacts simultaneously and asymmetrically with β4 and keratin.
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  • Webinar: Advances in Live Cell Imaging - Skin Cell Motility: Integrins Lead the Way

    In this webinar presented by Leica Microsystems and LabRoots you will learn about efforts to dissect mechanisms that underlie the directed migration of epidermal keratinocytes as they populate wounds or in cancer.
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